For many years, there has been much speculation around whether the Harry Potter world would get its very own TV show. With books and film spins-offs already established, fans of the wizarding world have been eagerly awaiting the news that we all received earlier this week: a Harry Potter TV series has officially been greenlit by HBO Max.

And not just any TV series, mind you. What the world will receive is a seven-season, decade long series based on the original books by J.K. Rowling.

Of course, that means we’re getting a new Harry Potter, a new Ronald Weasley, a new Hermione Grainger… you get the picture.

The news comes after an official press event was held by Warner Bros. and HBO, revealing that both HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery streaming services would be combined to form “Max”.  It is here, via Max, that we will find our new Harry Potter TV Series.

In a press release, the company announced that the new Harry Potter series will be a “decade-long series produced with the same epic craft, love and care this global franchise is known for.” The show will have a new cast playing the series’ iconic characters, and Warner Bros. Discovery promises that “each season will be authentic to the original books.” T

The seven-season series will take all original work from J.K. Rowling’s original books, with each season dedicated to one respective book. While details around the new series are quite scarce – including who will star in the series – we can confirm that J.K. Rowling will be among the show’s executive producers.

In the past several years, Rowling has been heavily criticised for her hurtful remarks toward the transgender community. Despite the hurt she has caused the community, her Harry Potter series remains strong in popularity, with recently inclusions like Hogwarts Legacy, a dedicated open-world video game set in the Wizarding World, selling 12 million copies in its first two weeks.