Okay so we take it back – yes the cast of Don’t Worry Darling did look good on the red carpet but things quickly turned to shit – or should say spit – not long after and it involves the internet’s perfect man Chris Pine and the other one who was in the same film, Harry Styles.

Sleuths on Twitter and media outlets have been examining a nanosecond exchange between Pine and Styles as the actor and singer took their seats to the Venice Film Festival premier of the film. Pine, who has been seated next to director and fellow star Olivia Wilde, can be seen greeting Styles as he goes to take his seat… AND THAT’S WHEN IT HAPPENS DEAR READER.

Pine’s face freezes, the clapping stops. Cold as ice, clear as day. And for all purposes, it looks as though Styles spat at the 42-year-old actor. On purpose? Look, probably not. We’re going to give the former One Direction member that much.

But did something come out between those thin lips of his? Yes.

While fans of Styles have come out in force defending Styles, it’s hard to deny the fact that SOMETHING went down and really all that’s up for debate is just how intentional was it?

Don’t Worry Darling has already been the centre of endless rumours and stories about cast members quitting or being sacked. There’s allegations that some were unhappy that the director and the main star were allegedly sneaking off constantly to spend time together rather than, you know, make a movie.

Whatever has gone on during the making of the movie, it definitely doesn’t feel like the stars plan on staying in touch once these publicity tours are done. Except perhaps Florence Pugh, Gemma Chan and gentle unicorn Chris Pine.