The ’90s influence of street culture has been continuing to make deeper inroads in today’s fashion, and as regulars of the skatepark are regaining social and fashion standing, it leaves us to wonder – how does one wear skate gear without trying too hard? While not all of us are blessed with the ability to backflip in the air while clutching to our skateboards, it doesn’t mean we can’t front the look.

Skate culture has always been associated with an anti-authoritative aesthetic, match this with comfort, robust quality and practicability and it’s no wonder designers have been jumping at the style. The kids of the ’90s have grown up and with combination of nostalgia and eventual spending power, a boom in streetwear has risen.

From A-COLD-WALL, to Junya Watanabe and even former traditionalists like Louis Vuitton and Dior, here is how to cop some style from the most recent runways.

How to wear skate clothes

It is best to note that skate wear is best worn by mixing and matching key pieces with your established kit to avoid going OTT. Perfect for casual style and off-duty uniforms, scroll below for skate staples to achieve the look.

One of the most obvious and easy styles to wear, the hoodie is an instant way to add some street cool to your look and looks good with just about everything.

“Try mixing skate pieces with different styles for a more balanced aesthetic,” for example throw a […] hoodie on with a cropped tailored trouser and sneakers,” says Giles Farnham, head of River Island’s Style Studio.


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Skate Shoes
Skate shoes are another addition to your kit that will lend effortless street style and as designers continue regular collaborations with well-known sportswear houses (think Virgil and nike), its easy to cop instant cool vibes. Other classics that are worth a go, include Vans and Converse, the ultimate fathers of skate shoes.

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Logo T-Shirts
When it comes to true skate wear, it is always simple. Adding branding to staples, allowed companies to stand out and now international fashion houses including Gucci and Balenciaga are also cashing in on iconic branding. These are the brands you want to invest in for added luxury, but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, OG brands including Supreme and Stüssy are the way to go.


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If there is one thing that skaters have in common, it is that they all wear the same style pants. Characterised by straight legs with hems cuffed a few inches above the ankle, you can opt for a pair of trousers from Carhartt for a quality or if you want to luxe the look up a bit, an array of designers do a similar style

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While the skate world prioritises function over form, it doesn’t mean the street style equivalent is privy to the odd accessory. The most recognisable piece is the hardware wallet chain which has seen a recent come back and although it was used to keep you attached to your belongings, its now being used as a mere embellishment. Other accessories include branded caps and statement crew socks.

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