The Super Bowl weekend is one of the most anticipated events on the sporting calendar – worldwide. If you’re not an NFL fan, it is most likely that you’re here for the million-dollar commercials, halftime show and celebrity happens. A mere ten points into the game that stops the nation and the iconic ads have started and already, the Twitter sphere is going off. From celebrity cameo and witty scripts, it is Jason Momoa who is garnering headlines and the attention of the entire ICON office in a fit of laughter.

Known for his built pecks and all-encompassing stare, the Aquaman star has become a heartthrob, so maybe that’s why a feature in a commercial for Rocket Mortgage has everyone losing their minds. We’ll let you view the hilarious 80 seconds for yourself but trust us when we say, you can NEVER un-see it. Think, Jason Momoa in a bald cap with skinny arms. It’s frightening. It was followed up with a cameo from wife Lisa Bonet and made the entire spectacle even better.

Naturally, Twitter cannot handle it and I suddenly want a loan from Rocket Mortgage.

i need a therapist after that


it’s all been a lie

still cute though