Credit: Instagram @kennymason

In early 2020, the likes of Complex and PitchFork – the online authority in underground music – dubbed up-and-coming rapper, Kenny Mason, as one to watch. And without so much as an Instagram post, the lauded rapper has released his debut album in a surprise drop. Up until now, Kenny Mason’s catalog has seen a slow trickle of single releases since 2016 but believe me when I tell you, this new music surpasses all expectations.

Titled Angelic Hoodrat, Mason has been carefully curating 14 expert tracks for two years and though he has already been hailed as a master of lyricism, from the likes of ‘PTSD’ to ‘Chevron’, the 24-year-old lives up to the title.

Perhaps the true reach of his fame came when just five months ago Mason released his official music video for ‘Hit’ directed by Nasser Boulaic, which has since garnered 2.3 million views and counting. But the numbers game is just a mere factor in his growing success in the industry. In fact, it is expected the rise of Kenny Mason and is hip-hop-cross-early alt-rock will be swift.

Beats 1 Radio Host, Zane Lowe, has even said, “As far as first conversations go bro, I mean, you’re definitely speaking a language that I relate to and I appreciate. I spend my whole life trying to find artists that say that, and I know you’re in it for the good reasons. And that’s why we believe it bro.”

Tune into the album below.