Credit: Lacoste

From iconic beginnings, founder René Lacoste begun his career on the court, with over 10 grand-slam wins across the world – in just 4 years. Using his new found influence, the player founded Lacoste in 1933. Producing innovative yet classic sportswear, the French brand quickly grew to become a household name, and now celebrating 85 years in the game, Lacoste is revisiting its roots.

A brand always destined for greatness, the company established itself as the pinnacle of ’30s fashion innovation. This year, the Lacoste name has revealed an exclusive collection, looking back to its original designs, and in celebration we remember some of the most definitive moments across the decades.

The birth of the Crocodile – ’20s

Before the idea of a sportswear brand struck a cord with the athlete, the crocodile symbol – that would inevitably become the icon for Lacoste – came just 10 years before-hand. As René grew in ranking, an American journalist coined the player, “The Alligator”, in reference to a bet between the tennis player and his coach over a crocodile suitcase. In 1927, artist Robert George brought the concept to life.

Credit: Lacoste

The establishment of a legend – ’30s

As René rose to the top of prominence as a player, the athlete became increasingly frustrated with the current attire worn on the court. Founding the Lacoste brand in 1933, René discarded the long sleeve button up for the now iconic white polo. A revolution in the sports world, the brand entered the fashion industry with its first advertising campaign, which ultimately would become legend.

Innovation and performance, leading sportswear – ’50s – ’70s

With 30 years of success, René’s influence continued to stick, with patents and new designs continuing to surface. With a presence overseas since the ’50s, Lacoste begun to advertise strongly around the ’70s celebrating the brand’s sporting heritage and elegant style à la française.

Modern times call for modern fashion – 200s – Now

Now with an established image both in France and across the globe, 2011 saw Lacoste launch its “Lacoste Live” line. Marketed towards a young and contemporary audience, the brand dropped a diffusion line for the modern era. Six years later, in 2017, legendary athlete and tennis player, Novak Djockovic, became the “new crocodile”, sharing the same values as the late founder.

This year, Lacoste celebrates its 85th anniversary and as we look back to an iconic past, the brand has revisited some of the best-known silhouettes and designs of the time. From the boxy polo and vintage graphics, each style comes from a different decade in history. The ’30s saw the classic L.12.12 polo, the ’50s sweatshirt, graphic polo of the ’80s, and the straight-cut look of the 2000s.

Paying tribute to the past and the present, the capsule consists of 15 reissues, all adorned in a modern colour palette. Channel your inner (or outer) athlete , and shop ICON’s picks below. The rest of the capsule can be seen here.

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