Despite the national out-cry that occurred this week by some of the countries most well-known political identities, the Republican policy to separate illegal immigrants has continued, causing unrest across America. Enforced by the Trump administration, and passed by congress, the law states that undocumented immigrants will have any children in their care taken into custody by the US. What has now sparked a national debate, US media are causing outrage as they comment on the impending issue.

Last night during prime time television, popular broadcaster Laura Ingraham backed the Trump government, by describing that children who are being torn from their parents as living the life in “what is essentially summer camps”. Picture however, show children held in makeshift warehouse surrounded by cages as they are treated like animals in captivity.

Ingraham then went onto defend her words by saying that the incarceration of these children would prevent them being “fresh recruits” for MS-13, an international gang originating in Los Angeles. According to Reason however, undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes than native-born citizens.

Another report that caused debate, occurred on Fox & Friends, where Brian Kilmeade mirrored Ingraham’s claims. “These kids get fanned out to working-class neighbourhoods, into our society, and then they have to be paid for by English as a second language, and then they gotta be schooled, and then a lot of them, sadly, in my neighbourhood, turn into MS-13.”

The problem has gone so far as to compare the immigration policy to the Nazi regime. Of course however, the majority of American people do not have a genocidal hatred of these immigrants. The only person that was a voice of reason last night appeared to be Attorney General Jeff Sessions – and even he is vague about what should be done.