Credit: Instagram @kingjames

Hailing from the city of Akron, Ohio, LeBron James is argued to be one of the most accomplished athletes in the NBA. Diving into the league from 2003, the 34-year-old has become well-known for not only his impressive on-court moves but philanthropist work and influential approach in the real world – namely his style. Aside from his slew of collaborations and common event appearances, more recent years have proved that the legendary player knows how to clean up.

It is no secret that James has an innate knack for style – like the time he lead the Cleveland Cavaliers into the playoffs wearing matching suits – and his Instagram also provides a wealth of style inspiration. From suiting up to dressing down, these are LeBron James’ most stylish moments according to Instagram.

feeling blue

His most recent and perhaps greatest sartorial look to date is a formal take on colour. Like many A-listers this season, LeBron sports a petrol blue suit and sapphire shirt for added elevation. An unexpected style move for the maverick, he leaves the tie and opts for a brooch instead.

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Its hard to deny that LeBron James is an unusually tall man. Standing at just over two metres, the basketball legend would have to know a thing or two about pulling off a cropped pant – because lets be honest – it’d be hard to escape. Combining preppy style with his sporting vibes, the player ensures no ankle freezers with long socks and basketball sneakers. If you’re keen to experiment, give the look a go.

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There is something to be said about a good hat. While the accessory is definitely not a one-style-suits-all, it can be an easy way to add something extra to a standard look. Who would’ve thought that the athlete could so magnificently pull off a fedora?

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hell for leather

An all-black look is timeless. Leather on leather is bold, and if anyone can pull off a high-key look in a such a casual manner, its this guy. Pairing a classic leather jacket with coated jeans, to avoid entering a ’90s blast from the past the athlete adds in a hoodie and unique sneakers for a nod to modern street-wear.

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’70s style is making its way back. Loved by the likes of Robert Redford – and now LeBron James – suede pieces are coming back to fruition. Adding a touch of luxury to any look, opt for brown hues to achieve the era-authentic style.

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