The Cleveland Cavaliers remain undefeated in game 7 of the opening round for the NBA playoffs, after a tight game against the Indiana Pacers. With a close 105 – 101 to the Cavaliers it also appears that the old rivalry between James LeBron and Lance Stephenson is still red hot.

Within the first quarter of game 7, Stephenson was given a technical foul after hitting LeBron on the head while he tried to score, and as always the reaction was super *extra*.

Between shoving and hitting, the constant clash between the two players dates back to 2012. During the playoffs against Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, LeBron had missed a ‘free throw’ and resulted in Stephenson making choking references from across the court. It seems that this is where the rivalry stemmed from. Probably the most famous account of the ‘bromance’ between the two occurred in 2014 during the game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals when Stephenson blew in LeBron’s ear. Yes that happened.

Call it jealousy or call it tactics but its Stephenson who instigates every move and its damn entertaining. With only a few games left in round one of the playoffs, here’s to seeing more from one of the most famous rivalries in elite sport.

Cover Image: Al Diaz/Miami Herald/MCT/Getty Images