The sporting, and more popular athleisure industry is growing larger than ever before, and the competition to keep customers and users engaged is critical for company longevity. Advertising is no longer a one stop shop for sales, so juggernauts like Nike, Adidas and Reebok are taking their services to the smartphone.

Despite the scandal that revolved around Under armour and 150 million users having their data stolen, consumers are still obsessed with health and wellness apps. Some of the most popular apps are below and are worth an install.

Runtastic by Adidas – Bought by Adidas for a reportedly $239 million, the app focuses on tracking your activity (running walking, cycling) as well as all relevant sports data (elapsed time, speed, calorie consumption, heart rate.

Nike Run Club and Nike+ – One of the most popular apps on the market, Nike have developed two apps, targeted at different activity. As the name suggests, Nike Run Club not only tracks running and calories, but provides a platform for running communities to come together in group activities, all of which are usually free. Nike+ is aimed at creating workouts and training schedules as well as tracking calorie count.

Map My Fitness by UnderArrmour – Similar to Nike’s platform, Map My Fitness tracks workouts, maps running, counts calories and provides a social platform for other fitness enthusiasts in your area.

Runkeep by ASICS Another version of the popular Nike and Under Amour, ASICS have focused on achieving goals and keeping their users motivated, as well as keeping track of the weather and connecting with music apps. 

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