Credit: Open Architecture / Xiaomi

“Today, as we live and get lost in a world of consumption and environmental crises, what are our essential needs?”

This the question of OPEN Architecture and their answer is the MARS Case. In a world driven by consumerism, the very real possibility of the need for another planet is slowly looming and with NASA planning human missions from 2030, the worldwide firm has imagined the future of living.

Coined the “Open x Xiaomi Mars Case”, it is a mockup of what living could look like on the red planet. All service components are inflatable allowing the entire 2.4 square metre space to be folded compactly for easy transformation – so there is only room for the essentials and because resources may be scare, the need for recycling heat, energy, and water is an important feature of the pod. Each case will be fitted with an integrated ecosystem allowing for self-circulation using everything including condensation.

Inside, the storage and furniture is simple but smart, offering a simple way of living.

Created in collaboration between Open Architecture and tech company Xiaomi, it is hoped that this design may be the future towards a cleaner and less pollutant way of living.

Check out the “Open x Xiaomi Mars Case” in closer detail below. For more information, visit Open Architecture here.