Credit: NASA

In 1969, NASA sent “Apollo 11” – its first manned mission to the moon – and after 10 astronauts followed some years later, the space agency has the go-ahead to return. Following President Trump’s Space Policy Directive-1, the agency have planned an entirely new mission which will also see a human journey to Mars.

Announced via a video posted to NASA’s Youtube and website, NASA has teased its plans for a new era of space exploration. “It’s time we take the next great leap. We’re building the next chapter of American exploration, returning to the moon, to stay, so we can go beyond, to Mars.”

After a renewed interest of space exploration came apparent in recent years, – particularly following the rise of global warming – NASA have plans to build a permanent lunar base, acting as a stopover before heading to Mars. The video narrated by actor Mike Rowe states that this new mission “is about sustainable science”.

NASA aims to put a lander on the Moon and Mars in 2020 – before human missions will commence in the following decade.

The countdown is on. For more information, visit the NASA website, and watch the announcement below.