On the second anniversary of Prince’s death his estate has released an original recording of Sinéad O’Connor’s classic ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, written by Prince himself.

According to his estate, the recording was created at Flying Cloud Drive in Eden Prairie, Minnesota in 1984, where he later gave it to the Family – the jazz band he formed during that time. ‘The song came out like a sneeze,’ longtime engineer Susan Rogers shared with The Guardian about how Prince wrote the song in about an hour.

The reasoning behind not releasing the recording is unknown but Rogers believed it was to do what was happening in his life at that particular time. ‘He released his material based on what he wanted us to know about him and, wonderful as it is, he didn’t want it to represent him,’ she said.

As well as the release, there was an inclusion of footage from Prince and The Revolution which was created in the summer of 1983.

Six years later, Irish singer and artist Sinéad O’Connor obtained the music and made it an international hit, for which she is still known. Although O’Connor continued to showcase her version, Prince performed his original for years.

Check out Prince’s original recording below.