Credit: Captured exclusively for ICON by REMI

It’s official, the music festival season has begun. Glitter is seemingly in high-demand, K-Mart’s $15 tents are sold-out and a deepening sense of FOMO has set in. Over the weekend, the first of a series of festivals, Spilt Milk, descended onto the wine country of Ballarat. With it, some of Australia’s most celebrated artists took to the stage to share a unique mix of beats and coveted tracks. With a disposable camera in-hand, ICON sent Melbourne hip-hop duo REMI into the guts of the festival to share exclusive imagery from behind-the-scenes.

Taking to the BACARDÍ El Coco Tropical Danceteria, the party continued from the main stage – all with a mojito close by. But as seasoned festival performers and goers, we penned five all-important questions. Here is your quick guide, by numbers, to the incoming festival season.

Credit: Captured exclusively for ICON by REMI

One crazy encounter/story from a past festival?

Remi: “Sensible J and I were at this festival in Switzerland. It was one of the biggest hip hop festivals in Europe. You know, the type of festival where your name looks like fine print on a contract. Anyway, we were just stoked to be there. We played early in the day, finished our set and chilled back stage. Freddie Gibbs was walking round, Danny Brown, Nicki Minaj was coming later. We were just trying to stay out of people’s way to be honest. Alongside J and I were our managers, a couple of very country, very red headed ‘strayan boys. As the day got later and the air got colder, we were getting over it. J and I decided to round up the troops and get out.

We did laps of the backstage area trying to find our managers but couldn’t see them anywhere. At the peak of our frustrations, we turn around to see our two favourite white boys having a deep and meaningful with Sen Dog from Cypress Hill. Shocked and confused we rolled up and joined in. Sen Dog proceeded to give us detailed accounts of 90’s beefs, friendships with The Booyah Tribe and a bunch of other wild shit I would never expect to hear from the Horse’s mouth. Groupies kept coming up to get his attention, mad famous people were showing him love and he had no desire to entertain them or leave the table because he was enjoying the conversation so much. We said peace and went back to our hotel tripping.”

Credit: Captured exclusively for ICON by REMI

Two favourite cities?

R: “Melbourne and Berlin.”

Three festival essentials/must-haves?

R: “Entry, water (or x4 Bacardi Breezers and a straw), a ride home.”

Four dream collaborations?

R: “Missy Elliot, Knxwledge, Outkast, Avantdale Bowling Club. I would’ve said Lori, but we did that on our new single ‘Brain’ 💃🏽”

Credit: Captured exclusively for ICON by REMI

Five artists you have on repeat right now?

Missy Elliot, The Blackbyrds, Knxwledge, Outkast, Dilla.