Credit: FADEL SENNA/AFP/Getty Images

“Sorry, what?!”, was the initial reaction that was received from our Art Director when I broke the news. Nothing could interrupt the calming silence in the office during Friday lunchtime than the report that Robert Pattinson is slated to play Batman. In turn, the office erupted into conversation with, “well visually though … it could work”. It’s these mixed reaction that have been cast across the internet and after several hours since Variety reported the exclusive, several hashtags are already trending on Twitter.

In January, former Batman Ben Affleck announced he would be hanging up the iconic cape, expectedly, rumours ensued. Armie Hammer was one of the rumoured to fill the shoes of character Bruce Wayne, now according to reports Robert Pattinson will transform from teenage vampire to high-flying superhero. Has anyone noticed that he has maintained this bat-like persona?

Close sources told Variety that the 32-year-old is in “final negotiations”, though Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed. The next Matt Reeves-directed film is expected to drop in June, 2021, with pre-production set to start this American summer.

Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, scroll through the Twitter reactions.