Credit: Youtube / Slashleaks

Last year, Samsung held its annual developer conference where unlike any other, the South Korean tech company unveiled its innovative “foldable phone”. Now, the much-hyped model could see it debut as early as next week following a teaser released by the company. When we though the bulky prototype had at least 12 months of tweaks before being ready, they proved us wrong.

What was dubbed several names initially, including “Flex Display” or “Galaxy X”, the now titled Galaxy S10 will have it official design revealed at the Unpacked event on February 20, in San Fransisco. Rumours and leaks have flooded the internet in the last several weeks, including a concept video leading up to the event. From what has been shown, the foldable phone bares a much sleeker design to that of first prototype and is far more usable than first speculated.

Demonstrated at the November conference, when closed the compact model creates a 4.5-inch display and when open, a functional tablet at a comfortable 7.3-inches.

While the official teaser gives us no further information on the GalaxyS10 design, all will be revealed next week. Stay tuned for more, and in the meantime, check out the announcement below.