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Late last year, Lyst voted ‘sportluxe’ as one of the most powerful trends of 2018, alongside tennis icon Serena Williams, an unlikely fashion influencer direct from the court. Dominating much of the runway including the likes of Fendi and Prada, the rise of sportswear was hard and fast, welcoming in high-street brands such as FILA to the world of luxury style. Now, with old-school prep making its way back onto the scene, tennis style continues its reign as a trend worth getting behind.

Blame it on the impending Australian Open finals, but there is something about looking refined, yet equally comfortable and while donning a full on-court uniform is a bit much for your weekend look, we’ve got four ways to channel your inner athlete.

The polo shirt

The epitome of preppy style, the polo shirt has long been a staple for many people and while it has the potential to give off certain “dad” vibes, cop the right iteration and you’re onto a warm weather winner. Tuck into shorts or a relaxed pair of chinos and experiment with the buttons to achieve the prep-effect.

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Gone are the days when men wearing short shorts was frowned upon. Looking back to ’70s and ’80s sportswear, hemlines are slowly creeping up, with Fendi and Hermès adopting the style for Spring/Summer 2019. Not to be mistaken with contrast piped basketball shorts, the tennis rendition is more tailored allowing for more refined sportswear.

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I don’t think there will be a time when white sneakers are not cool. Despite chunky sneakers still going strong in early 2019, you will never go wrong with a classic court shoe. Low tops are usually the way to go for authentic tennis style and if you look to heritage brands, you’ve essentially hit the nail on the head.

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And last but not least, tennis style is not quite finished without some major logo flaunting. Thanks to athlete sponsorships in the elite world of tennis, its hard to watch a match without seeing some sort of branding, so to really nail tennis style, flex some logomania.

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