From Cream to C. Tangana – and rapper to pop star – Tangana is making waves in the Spanish music industry, and it’s only a matter of time before he finds himself worldwide.

Between pop sensation Enrique Iglesias, to J Balvin and Luis Fonsi, C. Tangana is set to be the next Spanish speaking star to go ‘mainstream’. He says he has chosen to become, “a powerful alternative in Spanish speech, someone cool but with a proposal for the majority of the public”, because “the new pop is urban music”.

Originally learning his craft from label and crew, Agorazein, in 2016 he gave his first concert in Latin America as C. Tangana, where he had earned some recognition. But it was in 2017  when he toured Latin America, that his career took off, announcing shortly after, that he had signed with Sony Music. Together with the record company, he released “Mala Mujer” which produced profound fame within Spain.

Small amounts of backlash was received after the launch of the music video on cultural appropriation. Tangana commented on this saying, “I am me, I did not want to be born in Spain and I do not have to claim Spain. Everything belongs to everyone and if there is someone who is making money using what others do, brother, that is capitalism.

The single went viral on the Spotify charts around Europe and Spain to become the sound of Summer for 2017. “YouTube, the web, Instagram and Spotify, is the source where most people know me”, says C. Tangana. In recent days, the rising pop star launched an outdoor campaign which includes a giant canvas with its image in a building on the Gran Vía in Madrid, proving his success in the industry.

It is not sure what C. Tangana’s long-term plan is, however we will wait to see if this home-grown artist will make from Madrid to Miami.