Credit: Wired

For a man whose face is instantly recognisable to nerds around the world, Stan Lee’s style was remarkably hard to pin down.

Lee boasted what I’d call badass grandpa style. Whenever he appeared in Marvel movies, he had an understated look that commanded a second glance, like a superhero stepping straight out of a comic book.

Credit: Via The Hollywood Reporter

Seamlessly blending mid 1940s tailoring with early 1950s casualwear, Stan Lee dressed like a gentleman. He liked classic suits, oxford shirts, and V-neck sweaters – icons of mid-century Ivy. Amongst this though, was a penchant for mint green, mustard yellow, and cream knits which added a touch of modernity. In a world dominated by the safe embrace of grey, navy, and black, Stan Lee, like his creations, was honest and down to earth.

Most iconic of all, were his vintage Cartier Vendome sunglasses, which were surprisingly hard to track down. Perhaps telling of Lee’s status, in my search for them I was redirected to a whole host of sites that boasted “Stan Lee style” sunglasses.

Credit: Via Superhero News

In a classic 70s aviator style, their dark lenses allowed the world the barest glimpse of a twinkle in his eye. Paired with his slicked-back hair, well-trimmed moustache, and cheeky grin, there was a sense he was more than the average man.

Whether he was blissfully oblivious to a fight between Spiderman and the Lizard in The Amazing Spiderman or pointing at a camera on the red carpet in his signature post, Stan Lee was an unrivalled icon. A legend in both the world of comics and style.


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