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2018 menswear has been defined by the utilitarian trend, and with the likes of Vigil Abloh and Rick Owen’s bizarre hands-free designs storming the runway, this next style comes as no shock. Teaming up with contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, Japanese accessories label PORTER have created the next best thing in functional clothing.

Working with big names including, KAWS, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, the commercial artist knows a thing or two on streetwear and this time, sneakers are the focus. Combining the sneaker silhouette with PORTER‘s signature bag designs, the pairing have produced the cargo sneaker, complete with tags, straps, D-rings and 3D pouches. Adorned in the brand’s trademarked khaki silk, as well as orange accents, this shoe is ready for battle.

Infusing styling synonymous with Murakami, signature flowers can be seen emblazoned on the tongue, midsole and outsole for a collaborative touch to a heavily branded sneaker.

Teased on the artist’s Instagram, there are no further details on the drop, but stay close for more details. Check out a closer look below.

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In the last few years, I have thought about the reality of the distance between sneaker culture and myself. I felt like it was a game that I would be able to play once I understood the rules; and so I began my sneaker journey, taking action and studying everything I could. With that in mind, I would like to share a midway progress report on the direction that I have been working on since spring. Here it is! Thanks to @yoshidakaban.official who has rescued us in numerous ways, from choosing materials to helping with the bag production process, the project has begun to take shape. The production was overseen by @wakamoon and Kaikai Kiki’s very own design team! @shisho_kaikaikiki @puq_mayumi There is a little bit more to go until completion, but I wanted to update and report my progress on my new adventure.

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