Who knew that picnics would become such a big thing but here we are, relishing the chance to get outside and mingle with five our most vaccinated friends. But there’s something rather special about the naivety of the situation that is the perfect antidote to the new digital facing world.

The idea that champagne should be left to special occasions should be challenged with the question: define special. The obvious wedding/birthday/anniversary trinity comes to mind but those smaller, intimate moments spent on a blanket down at the local park are just as momentous and deserving the popping of a quality vintage.

Perrier-Jouët, champagne
Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2013. Image: Supplied

But don’t worry, historic champagne maker Perrier-Jouët has got you. The French Maison has just released the latest vintage of their coveted Belle Epoque. A 2013 harvest that has subtle glints of apple green and bursting with the aroma of white flowers and white-fleshed fruit.

Made in limited quantities, the Belle Epoque is quintessential Perrier-Jouët. It’s only made when the seasons have created the perfect alignment for flavour and health of the grapes. Which is something that the team at Perrier-Jouët are passionate about.

A champion of sustainable viticulture and wine making, Perrier-Jouët has been making huge steps to ensure that their carbon footprint is minimal and their vineyards pesticide free.

But what makes it even more perfect for where we find ourselves today can be found in the name of the champagne itself.

Perrier-Jouet, Champagne
Belle Epoque was named a period of peace and prosperity. Image: Supplied

Belle Epoque was a period of time after the First World War when France underwent a period of peace and prosperity. It reflects a time of happiness after a period of struggle and turmoil.

Which reflects on why we’re so enchanted by the opportunity to be doing something as simple and innocent as a picnic in the park. If COVID and lockdowns have taught us anything, happy times are precious and we should celebrate them with every opportunity.

Cheers to that!