The latest creative experiment by Nendo concerns the universe of music. For Bunaco, the study led by Oki Sato created a wooden and synthetic plastic speaker.

Bunaco is a Japanese company specialising in cutting beech wood, which uses abundance in the region of Aomori, Japan. Active since 1956, Bunaco produces household accessories through an artisanal and eco-sustainable technique that allows you to cut wood with a very thin thickness, giving rise to real coils.

This technique lends itself mainly to the production of bowls, decorative accessories and light elements. Technique that for the first time was used for the realisation of a speaker. Nendo has developed a cone characterised by the presence of small grooves which, added to the sound-absorbing quality of the beech wood, have produced a clear and soft sound.

The speaker is positioned inside the cone, which in turn is supported by a transparent acrylic cylinder that determines the desired rough and unfinished effect. To underline the process of production of Bunaco wood and accentuate its charm, Nendo decided to show the wooden curl that runs through the entire structure, from one end to the other. A design detail that also helps to intuitively understand the architecture of the speaker.