Credit: Instagram @theweeknd

While Game of Thrones franchise collaborations are released in droves ahead of the Season 8 premiere next week, a new collab has been reported. No, it’s not a whisky or even sneakers, rather a fresh new track from The Weeknd, SZA and Travis Scott. Known to join forces with a range of contemporary artists, we can expect this new track to be nothing less than amazing ahead of the last ever season of GoT.

Following on from season 7 that saw Ed Sheeran make a brief cameo, Pitchfork has reported that The Weeknd was initially approached for the opportunity by producers, before he brought on SZA and Travis Scott.

“A source close the project confirmed to Pitchfork that the new track—which will feature in the eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones”—is coming soon. According to the source, “Game of Thrones” asked the Weeknd to record the song for fans. The Weeknd then brought SZA and Travis Scott onto the project.”

HBO are yet to confirm the report from Pitchfork or the rumours that had begun circulating Reddit before-hand. Whether or not the track will appear within the actual episodes is still a question, with past stars including Sheeran, Coldplay, and Sigur Rós making actual cameos as actors. If not, we can expect the music to be plastered over the slew of promos during the season 8 roll out from next week.

Stay tuned.