Taking to Instagram to share its latest cover, TIME Magazine has made history using drones for its next front cover. Sending a fleet of drones into the California sky – 958 to be exact – the publication recreated its iconic logo and red border in lights, shot at sunset for an aerial cover – a first for the 95 year old company.

Partnering with Intel, TIME used its technology ‘Shooting Star’ which is specifically used for light shows and was recently used for the Winter Olympic Games opening. The drones were programmed to arrange in a specific pattern and colour to mimic the magazines cover which was then photographed at specific angles. The drones needed to fly closer than the three-metre standard which also proved to be difficult due to the strong winds experienced at that time of day.

It is reportedly one of the biggest light shows seen in the United States. “I’ve always been amazed at how different an image looks when you put it inside the red border of Time,” said Time creative director D W Pine in a statement.

“What’s interesting about this is that the image is actually the border of Time. I’ve looked at that border and logo every single day on a flatscreen monitor, and to see it up in the sky, at 400 feet in the air, it was very moving for me.”

If you want to check out all of the behind the scenes action, tune in below.