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While they seem to come from different worlds, automotive giant Quadro Vehicles and luxury heavyweight Tod’s have more in common than you might think. Inspired by design, technology and environmental responsibility, the two Italian companies are known for more than its forward thinking products and in a new development, the pair have combined to bring a fresh collaboration.

Perhaps the best word to describe the new collaboration is ‘hybrid’. Qooder™ (not a car, not a motorcycle and not a scooter) is the new urban mobility vehicle capable of merging and offering the best characteristics while Shoeker No_Code fuses the elegance of an Italian formal shoe and the versatility and performance of a technical sneaker. Presented at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, style has been interpreted into an automotive concept as well as the aptly dubbed ‘shoeker’.

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During the event Quadro Vehicles presented its new mission, “Advanced Mobility Solutions”, an expansive vision, connected and projected towards the future. Widening its vision to create a boundary pushing initiative, Qooder is now know by everyone as it offers a new driving experience in complete safety, agility and comfort. Boasting award-winning technology, the new Qooder™ is offering a “Tailor Made” customisation program. First shown at the Geneva International Motor Show, the program gives the buyer the option of choosing from different colours and finishes to create a fully customised vehicle – and Tod’s No_Code has shown us how its done.

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Drawing from its latest ‘Shoeker’ – the perfect marriage of a shoe and sneaker – both innovations have looked to a sleek black, white and red colourway. While the newly design Qooder™ carries an all-black body with red spoiler, the sneaker rendition sees a leather and mesh, black upper, white sole and red heel. The brainchild of designer Yong Bae Seok, the Korean is the first to interpret the philosophy of Tod’s No_Code products. The Shoeker has a sole of expanded rubber, a special blend that stabilises every step, and uppers made of lightweight leather and neoprene or crossed by bands of special knitted fabric signed by the iconic lacing.

“During the early conception days of Tod’s No_Code, I knew we wanted to produce a unique and innovative product for a more convenient lifestyle,” Tod’s visionary, Michele Lupi said on the collaboration. “Walking down the streets of Milan, I first noticed Quadro Vehicles’ new hybrid means of transportation, uniquely named the ‘Qooder. It is not a bike or scooter and realised our two companies have a lot in common.”

“This made me think of just how much in common Tod’s No_Code had with this new company and how both Tod’s No_Code and Quadro Vehicles shared a likeminded way of design and innovation. It specifically made me think of Tod’s innovative product the Shoeker, which is a combination of a shoe and sneaker.”


“Tailor Made” customised Qooders will be available for purchase on the Online Q-Store and in the Quadro Vehicles STORES across Europe. For those keen for the Tod’s No_Code Sneakers, visit the online store here.