Once again Trump has seemed to put his foot in it, this time regarding the Paralympics.

In an event to celebrate the success of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams at the White House, Trump gave a speech which has been criticised by athletes and the public. “What happened with the Paralympics was so incredible and so inspiring to me,” Trump said. “And I watched—it’s a little tough to watch too much, but I watched as much as I could.”

Many took to Twitter, including the official page of The Paralympic Games to call out Mr Trump. “Record numbers around the world are not finding @Paralympics tough to watch,” the organisation wrote on Twitter. “Billions of viewers now take in the Paralympics in hundreds of countries around the world.  We hope the US President continues to watch and be inspired by the Paralympics.”

Some twitter users tried to defend Trump, suggesting he was busy and found it difficult to find time to watch TV.

And others completely boycotted the event due to political opinions which included figure skater Adam Rippon who wrote, “I will not stand with people who discriminate against those that they perceive as different.” Later that day, Rippon also added he “had no regrets about missing this trip”.

Cover Image: Mark Wilson/Getty