Credit: Via Forbes

Is there no company left, Virgil Abloh hasn’t worked with? After his work with the fashion world, the menswear designer for Louis Vuitton has moved to the lifestyle sector for his next line of collaborations. After working with the likes of IKEA, Abloh has teamed up with Moët & Chandon for his latest collaboration.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Abloh teased his latest work. Revealing a custom Chandon bottle, the designer has adorned it with his signature touches, including his signature quotation mark reading “DO NOT DROP”. Accompanying the bottle is luxury packaging printed with “FOR DISPLAY ONLY”.

“They approached me saying they had an opportunity to work on a special edition of their Champagne and I thought it was interesting—so I agreed,” Abloh told Forbes. “For me, Moët is the best in class, you know. It’s an authentic product with an authentic history, you know, all the elements—that usually intrigues me to think of ideas.”

“Champagne, to my mind, is to celebrate an achievement,” he says. “And to have that embedded in its content in an emotional way. So that’s what came. You know, that’s where the notion of ‘Don’t Drop,’ —like, physically ‘don’t drop and break the bottle’—or ‘don’t break that moment’ came into play.”

The collaboration will be available in the US, including two editions of Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé: a 750ml “ready-to-wear” bottle and a three litre jeroboam, only available to Abloh’s family and friends (who include Kanye West and Rihanna). Both will be released on October 15 – with the 750ml priced at $60 at Clos19 and select retailers.

Stay tuned for a possible wider roll out.