For the girls, Kimmy K made famous the plastic heel. Now, Virgil is taking his hand at plastic fantastic for the guys with yet another collab this time with Converse, set for release “in early 2018”, according to a Nike spokesperson. However, we haven’t seen or heard anything – until now.

An instagram leak account, @py-rates, announced that the sneaker will potentially launch on May 10th, but no statements from either Abloh or Nike have been made.

Key features of the new ‘The 10’ collection addition include a translucent upper, and ice blue gradient on the sole. The sneaker is branded ‘VULCANIZED’ and the shoelaces printed, helpfully so, with ‘SHOELACES’.

The cost is unknown yet, but it is speculated they will cost roughly $160 USD.

Cross all of your fingers and toes, because this might finally happen.