Loewe Fall Winter 2023 menswear.

After sharing a cryptic clue via the invitation artwork, it’s finally time to discover the next chapter at Loewe with the Fall Winter 2023 menswear show taking place on Saturday, January 21st 12:00pm CET (10pm AEDT).

Surreal, uncanny, irreverent – Jonathan Anderson has been developing his own art movement with each successive Loewe collection. Anderson’s approach to fabrication sits somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle of canvas, paint and sculpture – both the medium and the method used to create wearable artworks.

Recently, this has involved the intersection of digital experiences and the organic, blending television faces with denim and shoes growing actual grass. Silhouettes have been warped, twisted, angular and deliberately breaking away from the body.

Perhaps the most brilliant part is how quickly Anderson’s vision can pivot in the moment. To discover what Anderson has in store, tune in with us below to watch the Loewe Fall Winter 2023 Menswear Collection live from Paris this Saturday, January 21st 12:00pm CET (10pm AEDT)