Take a digital trip to the heart of Paris this Saturday, June 25 with Hermès as they launch their new Ready-To-Wear Menswear collection for Spring Summer 2023 11pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Regardless of the directionality that Véronique Nichanian, Hermès’ artistic director for the men’s universe, takes each season it can be guaranteed that beneath the aesthetic innovations lay a promise of practicality and lightness. How this duality plays out is of the stuff of creative interpretation.

This time last year, nautical elements highlighted a collection that celebrated the everydayness of menswear. Elevated essentials were finessed with intricate fabrications, including a large proportion of garments made to be reversible. Or three dimensional renderings of the maison’s iconic Mors et Gourmettes; a perforated Hermès Quadrige equine relief.

As a rule, Hermès has never been a brand to shout – it is, rather, focused on creating the ultimate sense of luxury: comfort and simplicity.

Watch the Hermès Spring Summer 2023 menswear collection live this Saturday, June 25 at 11pm AEST.