Credit: ConceptiPhones

Though the latest iPhone release was only seen last September, naturally techies are already jumping on the next best thing. As we near another Apple release, the rumour mill has been stirring and with suggested leaks as to what the next iPhone could include, we have a first look at the anticipated model.

From the guys at ConceptsiPhone a conceptual video of the iPhone 11 has been released. Pointing to innovative technology and changes to the design, while it still boasts a huge display, the notch could see a return. From what is seen in the video, the iPhone XI and XI Max feature 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED Super Retina displays as well as glass backs. Perhaps the biggest additions to the rumoured model include a three-lens rear camera and 12MP front camera, USB-C charging, iBEAM and our favourite, power sharing.

The sleek and clean feel of the phone will please many of its users, however the return of the dreaded notch and somewhat unsightly rear camera may raise some eyebrows and issues along the way.¬†Pricing is another big question that won’t be answered until its impending release and although it is suggested that Apple will need to dip its prices to compete with other tech companies, we could be looking at the iPhone XI priced at upwards of $1,500 AUD.

Take a closer look at the mock iPhone below. Stay tuned for further developments.