Credit: Showtime

Who Is America? has seen a slew of bizarre and outrageous scenes as Sacha Baron Cohen has coerced high-profile politicians into admitting and performing unspeakable acts. Now, in its fifth episode the comedian has posed as pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. to speak to Corey Lewandowski.

Revealed on Twitter, Cohen interviews Trump‘s former campaign manager on racism and fascism, on the anniversary of the Charlottesville riot. While he was careful with his answers to Cohen, he has exposed himself not only as a liar, but a defendant of dictatorship and neo-nazism.

“With Charlottesville, where people attacked our president, why should the president pick a side between anti-fascists and fascists?” Cohen’s character asks. To which Lewandowski replies: “There is a place and a time to disagree with people—everywhere. You don’t have to agree with people. You have to respect them and you can’t be attacking them.”

Further on in the interview, Lewandowski also defend President Trump as not being racist.

“I can tell you this…I had the privilege of standing next to Trump for 1,000 hours. Never ever have I heard him utter a racist word in his life,” said Lewandowski when Cohen asked him if Trump is a racist. “The president doesn’t look at race — never has. Its a non-issue,” he added.

Whilst we think he might need to check his facts, it is the more somber episode of the series. The next episode can be seen next Sunday.