Credit: Instagram @woodstock

It has been billed as the homecoming of 2019 but as we near closer and closer to its suggested event date in August, it appears that Woodstock 50 may not go ahead as planned. Set to revive the once legendary music festival that was shutdown in 1999 following violent riots, contradictory statement has fans and the media confused. With financial positioning unsteady could we be looking at another Fyre Festival?

Last month, main investor Dentsu announced that the famed festival was cancelled in a statement. Several hours later and organiser Michael Lang denied the allegations, confirming it would go ahead with new financial backing. The likes of Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Chance The Rapper and Halsey are all lined up for the three-day festival but if contracts were signed through Dentsu, the event could see a pretty abysmal list of artists. Speaking to Billboard, several talent managers have said that “their artists will likely not appear” at the festival.

Though at this stage Lang is far from another Billy McFarland, his desperation for financial backing does seem familiar. While Lang along with business partner Greg Peck look for $30 million – pitches have reportedly been rejected from AEG and Live Nation – Woodstock 50 also launched a lawsuit against the former investor. Suing for the theft of $17.8 million that the company reportedly took out of the festival bank account as well as sabotage, with only three months to go before the event date the situation is growing dire.

According to the Billboard report: “Woodstock is this iconic moment in music that fans want to celebrate, but not re-create for themselves,” says longtime festival promoter Donnie Estopinal. “At this point,” with under three months to go and 75,000 tickets to sell, he adds, “it’s too late to pull off something that big.”

Unlike the fall of Fyre Festival that was largely done in private, has the bad press surrounding 50th anniversary of Woodstock already dug its grave?

Stay tuned for developments.