YEEZY 1020

Kim and Kanye are already having a tough year, but things are about to get even more challenging because the YEEZY 1020 might be Kanye West’s worst drop ever. Rumours about the boot have been swirling online since last October, and the presence of a sample pair online seemingly confirmed the YEEZY 1020 was on the way.

While the official release date has been slated for later in 2021, pricing information for the YEEZY 1020 has yet to be announced.

But the biggest issue with the YEEZY 1020 boot isn’t when; it’s why?

Ever since Kanye West signed on the dotted line with Adidas in 2013, the YEEZY brand has thrown up plenty of surprises.

From the Adidas Yeezy BOOST 750 Triple Black to the Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 Pirate Black, and my personal favourite, the Adidas Yeezy BOOST 700 Wave Runner, Kanye has proven himself to have a decent eye for design.YEEZY 1020

But for all the sneakers that have missed the mark, the YEEZY 1020 boot might be the most evident intention that Kanye’s head ain’t right.

Aside from looking like a traffic cone, the YEEZY 1020 boot is eye-catching only in its stunning garishness. A high-top design mimics the basketball shoe trend, but I can’t imagine even Bulls-era Dennis Rodman rolling the dice on these bad boys.

Available in both two-tone orange and tan colourway, the YEEZY 1020 boasts a zip-up throat, making them easy to undo and take off and never wear again.yeezy 1020

The upper part of the shoe features a mesh panelling that only distracts you from the bottom half of the boots – more orange rubber. Critics are hailing 1020 as the YEEZY brand dipping their toe back in the sportswear space, but if this is YEEZY doing sport, then we call the game off.

With Kanye about to head into arguably the most high profile celebrity divorce of all time, we’re willing to forgive the rapper-turned-sneaker-head for this latest design misstep.