Flight Simulator: Introducing IWC Schaffhausen’s TOP GUN Woodland

A need for speed, a penchant for perfection and a curated colour palette: two new additions to IWC Schaffhausen’s TOP GUN Pilot's Watch line bridge the gap between landscape, the skies and the pilots that navigate them

Super Suitable

After a period of peak casualisation, menswear has found its balance between an elevated approach and tailoring’s structured silhouette. A shift in paradigms between masculine and feminine codes brings a new flair to the classic suit

Watches And Wonders

The world of watches has evolved, adapting to lifestyles where we often need more time. To meet our needs, a new collection complications and elegant classics to remind us time is truly precious

Easy Rider

Fashion has always been born in the colour and vibrancy of the streets. Take a ride with the best fits inspired by this youthful energy and nostalgia

Watch What You Eat

Watches do more than tell time, they accentuate the time we spend living life: getting up, the day at work or even preparing food for friends. Forthwith, feast your eyes on the latest releases from the horological world

Western Union

Once, a man never left the house without his hat. This traditional accessory has been reimagined in recent collections for a modern take on the menswear staple with a renewed spirit of adventure

Dancing On Air

Style has a rhythm all on its own, clothing is simply the beat. Menswear’s new direction of lighter, elegant silhouettes that have the fluid feel of a dance, moving from one situation to the next, is a welcome adaptation of tailoring’s structured shapes

Atelier Dior

Layering rich, tactile threads in fashion delicacies of the era – the slim tie, the cropped country blue jean, the statement sports blazer, as well as fresh insignias of the modern day – shimmering intarsia sweaters, ‘D’ logo jewellery, hardy cross-body leatherwear, makes for a shift in the usual gentleman’s mode. Kim Jones uses both Jack Kerouac-isms and Dior’s history to capture this reckless wanderlust, reaching into nostalgia while playing a fresh beat for new season

Portfolio Louis Vuitton

Bangkok - a neon intensity intwined with a culture centuries old, the perfect arena to study the new semiotics that define modern streetwear and classic luxury

Evan Mock

“Hi, I am Evan, I’m 24, born and raised in Waimea Bay, an island of Oahu, Hawaii, but in this period I’m busy in New York. What do I do? I was born as a surfer and skateboarder, and, for a couple of years, I have also been working as a model and actor. And right now there is half a metre of snow outside my apartment.”

Evan Mock: Outside Break

A self-confessed born surfer, Evan Mock is riding a wave of success. Most recently, as one of the new young stars of the next-gen Gossip Girl

Matteo Berrettini: Game Face

Off court, it's still game set match in the style stakes for BOSS's newest ambassador Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini

This Grand Slam champion knows cool. The 26-year-old superstar sits down with ICON to chat tennis tournaments, his on-court mind-set, and his ambassador role with BOSS