Jonathan Cheban, Foodgod, reality-television star and close friend of Kim Karb-dashian has stepped up the food game with 24 carat gold covered chicken wings.

Yes you heard correctly. Collaborating with US-based sports bar and lounge, The Ainsworth have teamed up with the foodie for a new menu to included the *extra* chicken wings. Firstly, the chicken is soaked in coconut butter, chipotle and honey for 24 hours and then fried and dusted with gold flakes.

You’re able to order the Foodgod 24 carat Wings from the New York city restaurant in three different tiers: 10 wings for $30 USD, 20 wings for $60 USD or 50 wings and a bottle of Champagne Armand de Brignac for $1,000 USD. The Foodgod 24 Carat Wings will be released as a permanent menu item at the Chelsea and East Village, Manhattan locations.

Who’s prepared to book a golden ticket to NYC?