A view of the Clubhouse counter, one of the most beautiful bars in Rio de Janeiro

The 2016 Olympic Games held mostly in Rio de Janeiro has come and gone, but the carnival atmosphere lives on in more ways than the obvious.

For some time, there was a dearth of great lounge bars in the city, but now a handful have cropped up in some of the most interesting and cool areas of the city that have spared no detail, from the interiors to the cocktail recipes and care for customers.

Often located within luxury facilities – such as hotels or residences – these must-see Brazilian lounge bars are characterised by luxe furnishings and even better recreational offerings, ranging from the choice of the simplest and tasty cocktails to the music on offer.

Rio de Janeiro is a city characterised by many excesses and, whether you are a tourist or not, will satisfy every desire for entertainment and easy-chill. Here’s a tour of the 5 best lounge bars in Rio de Janeiro based on their design, art and unmissable cocktails.