Welcome to another segment of ‘Horsing around with Adam Driver’! The Hollywood hunk and leading actor has caused reason for panic once again thanks to his latest campaign for Burberry Hero, which sees his return as the mythical, sex symbol centaur.

The campaign, which involves a lot of shirtless running into the ocean on Driver’s behalf, is dedicated to the release of the new eau de parfum by Burberry, a traditionally masculine concoction of wood and pine notes. Exactly what it has to do with a shirtless half man, half horse remains to be seen, but critics and Driver fans alike are not complaining.

“Driver’s energy exudes tender soulfulness, expressed by the presence of the horse, which in turn, is a creature that represents strength,” the press release for Burberry Hero explains.


Last summer, we were treated to the first Burberry Hero campaign which initiated an unexpected love for centaurs, particularly those of the shirtless Adam Driver type (*internet meltdown ensued*). The wildly re-shared campaign, which featured as a short film clip, was arguably the most discussed beauty campaign of 2021 – a marketing job well done.

Now, one year on after breaking the internet, Burberry entangles our love affair with the Driver centaur once more with a slightly updated version of Driver morphing into a centaur.

Directed by the esteemed Jonathan Glazer and captured by award-winning photographer Mario Sorrenti, the new campaign documents a ‘man’s journey to self-discovery’ by challenging the traditional stereotypes of masculinity by showcasing a ‘man and horse coming together to create a modern myth’.

While that does little to explain the relevance of Driver’s centaur with a men’s fragrance, all we can say is take our money, we’re sold. The new Burberry Hero is described as a scent reminiscent of a forest growing near an ocean, with a trio of cedar wood oils forming the signature base of this EDP.

The virality of this campaign is a lesson well learnt in the rise of the unlikely hero, as told by a well-written marketing campaign. Driver, one of Hollywood’s best up and coming actors, exudes a “tender soulfulness” and depicts “what masculinity means today by embracing the freedom of expression and the beauty of contradictions,” the press released says.

He’s a character we all want to see succeed… and the fact that he also has a rocking bod guarding his 6”2 stature is even more alluring. Throw him in a signature fragrance campaign with one of the world’s most famous fashion houses and you have yourself a winning formula.