For those who live for the aesthetic, the dream collaboration has finally occurred with Australian skincare brand Aesop joining forces with avant garde fashion icon Rick Owens. The pair have released a limited edition travel kit and range of candles, including a unique aromatic blend created in honour of the partnership.

The Travel Kit.

Aesop has already started the year with a bang, having introduced one of the best eye products on the market today: their Exalted Eye Serum, packed with Vitamins C, B and E, has been a saving grace for late nights and early mornings.

But to the most recent launch, the Aesop X Rick Owens travel kit is built around Owen’s own personal favourite products from Aesop – Coriander Seed Body Cleanser, Resolute Hydrating Body Balm, Classic Shampoo and Classic Conditioner. Also inside the kit will be a customised eau de toilette that blends the philosophies of both Owens and Aesop, Stoic, ceramic beads to apply the scent to and a jersey wrap, representing Owens’ world of design.

Fans of either Rick Owens and Aesop will know that both are known for their distinctive brand identities. From a brand perspective, Melbourne-based Aesop has the trifecta. A product that feels good, is effective and delivers on its claims as well as providing tactile pleasure both in all facets of its sensory offering. Similarly, Owens has become known for his directional vision for fashion, one that looks beyond conventional forms and explores the liminal areas of clothing and how, and where, we wear them.

Stoic scented candles will come in three sizes.

Bringing these two dichotomies together to create a product that combines both without losing the essence of the other is testament to the strength of both of their individual messaging as well as the fluid creativity both Aesop and Rick Owens embody.

A key focus of the collaboration is of course the new scent created to encapsulate the endeavour.

Blended by long-time collaborator Barnabé Fillion, Stoic Eau de Toilette “distills the accord” found between the two brands. The result is both minimal in scent yet rich in depth and layers – pepper and coriander seed represent the and radical nature of Owens while frankincense and wood notes recall the familiar aromatic signature of Aesop. Rounding it out is the smell of patchouli – a scent known for being both calming yet also invigorating, a duality that perfectly captures the nature of Aesop and Rick Owens in tandem. The result is something both austere and comforting. Much like the designs of Rick Owens, in fact.

Aesop x Rick Owens.

A set of ceramic beads are also included, to be used as a way to prolong the scentual experience as opposed to wearing directly on the skin. These, according to the team at Aesop, was in due to Owens wanting to create an amulet that could be worn or even displayed for aromatic purpose.

Stoic will also be available in candle form that comes in three sizes. Inspired by the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi and Dadaist Hans Arp, they’re also a nod to the design principles of Owens’ own furniture collection.

Available now from Aesop stores worldwide, the Stoic Candles will start at $55 while the travel kit will be $220.