Credit: Instagram @antoni

We’re just three months into 2019, and we’ve found the ultimate M.O.O.D. While Fiji Water Girl was the meme of the awards season, this next one is utterly relatable. Enter in: Antoni Porowski. This week, Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson were spotted at a Rangers game swapping tongue in a very public display of affection. Confirming rumours surrounding the couple to be in fact true, understandably the internet went a little insane, but not exactly as you’d think.

Paparazzi images began to flood news outlets and social media, but one image in particular caught the attention of Twitter. Becoming an instant meme overnight, Queer Eye star and avocado expert (if you know, you know) Antoni Porowski was captured beside Beckinsale in a clearly uncomfortable state as a third-wheeled of the entire ordeal.

Its hard to deny that we’ve all been there before and in the latest meme taking over the newsfeed, we can’t help but be empathetic. Equally, its incredibly entertaining to scroll through the internet reactions and we’ve rounded up our favourite. Scroll below.

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expectation vs reality:

The single life:


my kind of religion:

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when avocados are life:

Adult life:

when your relatives ask why you’re still single: