Call it expert advertising or sheer luck, but if you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last 7 days, than you would have heard of the ‘Fiji Water Girl’. In a public relations stunt gone wrong (or very right in this case), the 76th Golden Globes was the location for the first meme of 2019, when a promotions model managed to become the single greatest photobomb of the Gen Z generation.

Gaining tens-of-thousands of followers overnight, Kelleth Cuthbert became a sensation sparking trending tweets across the globe. “It’s all strategic,” the Fiji Water photo-bomber told The Times. “You’ve got to angle.” Now however, the company is back for round 2 at the Critics’ Choice Awards, with a slew of new models ready to SERVE.

But while FIJI Water is ready to move forward, fans are calling for the OG to return to the red carpet. “We want the OG Fiji Water Girl back!” one fan tweeted, while another user posted, “Wheres the original girl? She can never be replaced lol. Everyone in Fiji loves her now.”

#FijiWaterGirl photobombs have not yet been reported for the Critics’ Choice Awards 2019, but we remain hopeful. I’m suddenly thirsty..