In case you missed it, alleged genius Elon Musk has decided to not only limit the number of messages non-verified (aka non paying) users of Twitter can send but also decided rebrand the entire platform to X.

Twitter, Elon Musk
Image: Twitter/X

Just X. No middle name.

Goodbye all the brand equity that the social media app has acquired over 17 years of working just fine. Goodbye to the simple and easy to read and recognise at any size logo in signature blue. Hello X. X as in X Factor. X as in X-men. And yes, as in XTube. Seriously, even if Musk was trying to troll the public had he not thought about the reality of typing the letter X into your browser?

No thank you sir, I’m in public.

Musk made the announcement that the rebrand was imminent and so far the roll out seems to have been staggered. I, for example, still see the bird on the app but the desktop version displays X.

But rather than the smooth transition into some new era of a so-called “everything app” it’s been like watching your worst enemy humiliate themselves on the public stage and Musk, alleged genius, could be in hot water.

Turns out X isn’t quite available for use with Meta, Microsoft and many others owning more trademarks to the letter/symbol than Twitter – I mean, X – does.

There’s already a Twitter account that has X as their handle. And with 26K+ followers we doubt they’re changing their name any time soon.

Then there’s the semantics – if we are no longer Tweeting are we Xeeting? And media on the site, are these XVideos (seriously, did no one think about the way this letter is linked to so many porn sites?)

The response from Xitter (X + Twitter = Xitter) has been less than accepting of the new look, with one user not incorrectly calling it out as incel coded.

But perhaps the most scathing are the ones from within the house so to speak. Everyone’s favourite language app, Duolingo, asked “Does this make me the alpha bird”.

Sesame Street – yes Sesame Street – even took a swipe, saying that the letter X would be holding a press conference about the rebrand. When Sesame Street is mocking you…I would never leave the house again.