Released back in 1989, Back to the Future: Part II saw Marty McFly travel in time to 2015. Among high-tech gadgets and gear including hover boards, the young adventurer came across a pair of Nike Mags – with self-tying laces. Just under 30 years later, the left shoe of the OG Nike Mag prop (yes just one shoe) has been auctioned off for $92,100 USD.

As sneakers gain traction in everyday wear it is hard to pinpoint history’s most iconic models – but this would have to be one of them. According to BBC, the shoe had 220 bids on eBay before being sold, with all of the money raised going to Michael J Fox’s foundation for Parkinson’s research. Marty McFly was diagnosed with the disease in 1991.

The shoe itself is crumbling as the foam ages, but that did not stop it selling for a premium price. After the movie was shown around the world, the demand was so high for a replica Nike model, that it was produced and sold to consumers. If that doesn’t show the power of consumers, I don’t know what will.