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There is a simple philosophy when it comes to Billy Ho: Restoration of the soul through food, drinks and company. Drawing from culinary comfort zones, from the Cha Chaan Tengs of Hong Kong to Japan’s Izakaya and the Hanoks of South Korea, this latest offering out of Canggu is a unique fusion of culture. Nourishing not only the body but the mind through the simple act of sitting down for a meal, the eatery scene in Bali just got a little better.

Providing an escape from the manic streets of Bali’s epicentre, Billy Ho is alluring through its expertly crafted interiors. Designed by Rob Sample, the space opens to high ceilings decorated with giant black bamboo. Reflecting the unique landscape of Indonesia, the wall behind the bar is created with coloured sirap wood while guests can enjoy the seating area decked out with locally produced leather, wicker and loom. Dressing the wall on the other side of the restaurant, a tattoo-inspired mural depicting native flowers is found, created by local and prolific Canggu artist Ogud.

The brain child of master chef Will Meyrick, with right-hand-man Tim Bartholomew, the food and drink concoctions at Billy Ho are an interesting take on the comfortable cuisine of Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Combining the grassroot sensibilities of Bartholomew – slow, authentic and adventurous – with Meyrick’s expertise across the culture is a well-curated menu. From original recipes handed down through the generations to ideas drawn from the beaten track, comes an interesting array of dishes that have us immediately salivating.

Key starters include tuna sashimi with smoked chilli ginger flower and black tabiko before guests can move onto salad dishes such as Korean style Ssam of smoked pork belly with pickled chilli mustard green. For something heartier that is sure to fuel the soul, Billy Ho offers a selection of roasted meats served with maderin pancakes or steamed boa”s. Main courses include twice cooked short rib beef with tamarind and homemade shrimp paste glaze, wok tossed wild mushroom salad and served with fiery nam prik gup.

With food and design at the forefront of the food scene, it captures the very essence of not only Asian culture, but the calming act of kicking back for a meal. Additionally, the offering of a communal dining table and 7-metre bar makes having dinner at Billy Ho too good to pass up.

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