With over 80 years in the film game, Canon has recently announced its decision to cease sales on the EOS-1V, the last standing film camera from the Japanese company. This comes after 8 years since they halted production on the popular model.

After launching its first 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera in 1937, the EOS-1V is the last of its kind with its debut only in 2000. As the company shifted its focus to following the digital evolution, the EOS-1V was the only camera for a number of years for professional film photographers. Production for the camera was discontinued in 2010, but Canon continued to sell from its inventory until now.

Users of the remaining film camera are able to obtain repairs from the brand until October 31, 2025, as most parts will still be manufactured in small supply. Despite the notable absence Canon’s decision will create, this is certainly not the death of film.