In combined fitness and fashion news, French Maison Christian Dior has partnered with Italian luxury fitness company Technogym to create a limited edition line of workout equipment, Dior Vibe.

Dior, home fitness
Dior Vibe is the home fitness of your dreams. Image: Dior

Collaboration has become quite the vibe – pun intended – for Mme Chiuri, who was also behind the maison’s partnering with another Italian brand, Vespa

Designed by Dior’s artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri for the recent 2022 Cruise Show, it marks a turning point for both the fashion label and Italian brand. It will be the first time that Technogym partners with a luxury fashion house to create a signature line of equipment.

The limited edition range includes Technogym’s connected treadmill and a multifunctional weight bench in classic white with navy detail and featuring the Dior star, the lucky charm for Christian himself.

Fashion has always been about looking good and Dior’s ability to do that with its garments is a given. So you could assume that it was only a matter of time before brands really started to offer a full vertical offering of product that would let you look and feel your best. What better time than now when a workout station has become the latest must-have designer item for the home.

Dior, Home fitness
Do you even lift bro but make it fashion. Image: Dior

Thanks to stay-at-home orders, home fitness has become the latest peg to hang luxury fixations on. Gone are the days of pastel coloured gadgets that hide under the bed or inside the closet. Now, equipment is made with precision detail that goes beyond function and adds emphasis to form. 

It makes sense that Dior would partner with a brand like Technogym that has collaborated with architects and designers to ensure that their equipment looks more like a piece of art or designer furniture than something you’ll spend 45 minutes raising your heart rate on.

The Italian brand, which presents itself more as a wellness concept rather than just pure fitness, is built on an ideology that the pleasure of design should be as much a part of the health experience as the end result.

There’s plenty of time to make sure your home is ready to accommodate a Dior x Technogym upgrade: the Dior Vibe line isn’t dropping until January 2022.