Trump has had a busy few days – from attending the G7 Summit in Canada to landing in Singapore to meet with Kim Jong-un completely unprepared – the US leader has struck a deal with North Korea’s, Kim Jong-un. But what is in the agreement exactly?

After a face-to-face meeting took place in Singapore between the two leaders, the countries have pledged to work together to denuclearise the North, with a major testing site already being destroyed – sanctions will be lifted by the US once North Korea has done its part. In response the US has ordered the suspension of military exercises with South Korea as concession towards Chairman Kim.

“There is no limit to what North Korea can achieve when it gives up its nuclear weapons and embraces commerce and engages with the rest of the world that wants to engage,” Mr Trump said. “Chairman Kim has before him an opportunity like no other to be remembered as the leader who ushered in a glorious new era of security and prosperity for his people.”

Following the signed agreement (which can be read in full here), Trump entered a lengthy press conference. Reported and transcripted by the Washington Post, Trump went onto thank Chairman Kim, as well as reassuring the world on their signed agreement in an optimistic manner.

“Well, thank you very much, everybody. Appreciate it. We’re getting ready to go back. Had a tremendous 24 hours, had a tremendous three months actually because this has been going on for quite a while, and that was the take that we gave to Chairman Kim and his people, his representatives, and it captures a lot, it captures what could be done.”

“It’s a great place, has the potential to be an incredible place between South Korea, and if you think about it and China, it’s got tremendous potential, and I think he understands that and he wants to do what’s right. And it’s my honour today to address the people of the world following this very historic summit with Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea.”

“Nearly 70 years ago, think of that, 70 years ago, an extremely bloody conflict ravaged the Korean Peninsula. Countless people died in the conflict, including tens of thousands of brave Americans. Yet while the armistice was agreed to, the war never ended to this day, it never ended. But now, we can all have hope that it will soon end, and it will. It will soon end.”

“Today is the beginning of an arduous process. Our eyes are wide open, but peace is always worth the effort, especially in this case. This should have been done years ago. This should have been resolved a long time ago. But we’re resolving it now.

Chairman Kim has the chance to seize an incredible future for his people. Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace. The current state of affairs cannot endure forever…”

Despite the success that has appeared to come out of the historic summit, the vague agreement however does have many people concerned that action may never be seen, especially as Donald Trump claims many topics discussed were agreed upon but not included in the written agreement. Is this a case of Trump pulling our leg? More to come.

Cover Image: Getty Images