It’s hard not to hope that there’s some kind of masterplan behind the utter shit show that is Elon Musk literally burning down Twitter from the inside.

Elon Musk is determined to shit where he sleeps it seems. Image: Getty.

From the desperate attempt to backtrack away from the sale to a consistent run of bad takes and even worse decision making that has plagued the company since it exchanged hands – Musk seems determined to destroy his own toys. And we’re watching it play out, in real time: the death of the Twitter.

The warning signs were there. The mass lay offs of staff around the world, some with nothing more than an email letting them know they were no longer needed. And then there came the bizarre monetisation of verification. Sorry, democratisation of the verified account system that was free but according to Musk created a “lords and peasant” system.

The result of this was a thing of beauty. Stocks were wiped as fake – yet verified, thanks to Elon Musk opening up the playing field (allegedly) – accounts made outrageous claims.

Stocks in pharma company Eli Lilly & Co fell by over four per cent after a fake (verfied!) account Tweeted that insulin would now be free (it should be free, but that’s not the point) while other accounts for George W. Bush, O.J Simpson and BP Global.

With every decision, change and inevitable outcome it becomes clearer that Musk has no idea what to do with the platform he purchased for a whopping US $44 billion and has been haemorrhaging money, staff and advertisers ever since.

It’s also become a source of mockery for Musk who declared comedy would return to Twitter but has since been banning and deleting any and every Elon Musk parody account including those by rusted-on Twitter users who simply changed their handle among them Kathy Griffin and Australia’s parody of parodies account The Chaser.

The situation has become so dire that experts are now predicting that Twitter is destined for the scrap heap as soon as next week. It won’t even see out the New Year. So sad.

Who else has the popcorn ready?