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Boxing Day. Known to Australians as the post-Christmas day food coma and sales galore, the public holiday celebrated nation-wide is also an important one for the film industry. Taking the opportunity to bring out the newest releases to the big screen whilst locals escape the summer heat, today will see the DC comic Aquaman come alive in a fresh origin story.

Starring Jason Momoa as lead role Arthur Curry, along with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson and Amber Heard, the modern adaption is the comeback DC studio needed to compete with entertainment powerhouse, Marvel. Despite the character’s appearance in the 2017 film Justice League, it has been a long time coming for the Atlantic hero’s showcase, with his beginnings seen almost 80 years ago.

Aquaman first appeared in 1941, when he was established as the son of an underwater explorer. Coined the “Golden Age”, his story was first recognised in More Fun Comics #73,  and over seven decades later his latest adventures can still be followed in comic book stores across the globe. His strong stature and God-like appearance however, are far different from his original character, depicted as a blonde-haired, half-fish, half-man hero dressed in green tights and a giant “A” strapped to his belt.

Slowly becoming stronger and more refined throughout the ages, scroll below for his transformation during each decade.


First page of “Aquaman” – “More Fun Comics” #73, DC Comics


Adventure Comics vol 1 #266, by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon / Credit: ComicsAlliance

aquaman: 1960’s

The launch of the 1967 Aquaman Television Series, bringing his life to the small screen / Credit: IMDB

AQUAMAN: 1970’s

Adventure Comics #451-455, Aquaman vol 1 #57-63, by David Michelinie, Jim Aparo, Paul Kupperberg, Carl Potts, and Don Newton / Credit: ComicsAlliance


“Aquaman” 1st Limited Series #3, published by DC Comics April, 1986 / Credit: MyComicShop


“Aquaman” 2nd Series #1, published by DC Comics December 1991 / Credit: MyComicShop

aquaman: 2000’s

Aquaman vol 6 #15-20, by Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason / Credit: ComicsAlliance


“Aquaman” Volume 8 #031 2018 / Credit: ViewComic