Last week, Calvin Klein ushered in a line up of A-list celebrities for a fresh campaign, ‘I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS’. Canadian artist Shawn Mendes was the first to strip down (and after nearly breaking the internet) A$AP Rocky has revealed his own truth, joining fellow ambassadors such as Billie Eilish and Noah Centino.

Shot by renowned photographer Mario Sorrenti and the video directed by acclaimed director Jonas Lindstroem, A$AP Rocky exudes the same confidence and magnetism seen on stage. It’s this self-expression that has captured fans from around the globe. Seen donning CK denim, underwear as well as clean cut tailoring, his inspiration is also reflected revealing his personal style is, “never the same, but always me.”

For over five decades, Calvin Klein has existed to provoke, challenge and defy the status quo, and talking to ICON, he now feels apart of that legacy.

“None the less the experience was a pleasure as usual. Anytime I get to work with the Calvin team,” he has said. “I’m not going to lie, wearing Calvin Klein makes me feel like a part of an iconic legacy.”

In keeping with campaign, what is one thing fans don’t know about Rocky? Well, according to the artist, “I’m very disciplined…now that I’m sober haha.”

You heard it here first.